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Shop Rates

$35.00 1st hour. $25.00 per hour thereafter.

In Home

$50.00 1st hour. $25.00 per hour thereafter.

(The rates below are estimates only. There may be additional charges if certain hardware/software conditions exist.)

Maintenance Services

Diagnosis, Evaluation, Dust Cleaning

Data Backup Up To 20 GB*

Data Backup Over 20 GB*

Data Transfer Up To 20 GB

Data Transfer Over 20 GB

Data Recovery Up To 20 GB**

Data Recovery Over 20 GB**

*Data backup rate does not include the cost of recordable media such as CD's DVD's or flash drives.

** Data retrieval from a hard drive may be affected by bad sectors on the hard drive, other hard drive issues, or corrupt software.  It is possible that some or all data may not be retrievable.








Software Services

Install Software Application*

Virus And Spyware Removal

Software Repair

System Cleanup/Optimization

Antivirus Install

O/S (Windows, Linux, Mac) Installation**

*If software problems exist or a virus/spyware is present, other charges may apply. You will be notified beforehand.

** OS installation includes operating system install on a freshly formatted hard drive with updates, drivers,  and antivirus configuration.  A free antivirus program will be installed unless customer provides a licensed antivirus program with license code.  This labor charge DOES NOT include data transfer.







Other Services

Component Installation

Home Network Setup



Special Services For Non-Profits

Click here for a list of services that are offered to churches and Non-Profit entities.

We offer many more services too! Contact Us Here or call us at 419-371-1611.

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