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We offer affordable desktop, laptop, and other computer related electronic repair in the Northwest Ohio area. With over 25 years of experience you can count on our technicians to handle your computer problems.

We provide on site technical support for individuals and small to medium size business. We support all aspects of your computers, servers, peripherals and networks. We are committed to providing you with practical solutions for all your technology needs.

Values You Share

We believe that people and organizations are at their best when they are invested in community, actively acknowledging the interdependence of community members and the responsibilities we share for our collective well-being.

We are dedicated to providing affordable services to the non-profit sector. While at present the services we offer focus heavily on IT-based consulting, we envision a future where we are able to support non-profits in many other ways.

Giving Back To The Community

Hiring effective computer personnel has become a costly undertaking. Because many organizations, individuals and small family businesses have considerably tighter budgets than other corporations or groups, they are often unable to afford the costs required to secure quality computer support. As such, many of the benefits that may be reaped by appropriate use of computer technology are not available to such organizations.

What we hope to offer:

  • Affordable computer solutions to the non-profit sector
  • A no cost avenue for for-profit companies to support the non-profit sector
  • Meaningful employment to information technology professionals

On an ongoing basis, we provide competitive, high-quality computer consulting to small and medium for-profit organizations at market rates, using the profits from this work to provide affordable services to the non-profit sector. We also donate a percentage of all proceeds to Computers for Charity, a non-profit organization that provides computers to individuals and families in need in Northwest Ohio. 

We offer many more services too! Contact Us Here or call us at 419-371-1611.

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